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Scott Adams, Great Man or Greatest Man?


Some noble soul on the internet has paid everyone a service, taking the nuggets of immortal wisdom from the blog of celebrated cartoonist Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, and placing them in Adams’ own comics.

You can read them here:


As a man, I have to celebrate Scott Adams. Without his immaculate rationality, how would I know about the hugs/killing continuum that exists in all men? Denied that, I’d never be able to find the common ground that binds me to both mass murderers and patriarchal regimes that brutalize women, and I could certainly never appreciate that their crimes might be justified by an oppressive lack of hugs. I’d never know about the matriarchy that I live in every day, with its subtle method of placing men in virtually all positions of power and manipulating those same men through hugs. Without Scott Adams, I’d never know what I’m entitled to, which as far as I can tell is whatever I want. And I’d definitely never know that consent culture is just another way of keeping me from what I obviously deserve. It’s a good thing he still deeply cares about women, as he’s professed, because otherwise I wouldn’t know.

Scott Adams is the “Well, actually” kid sitting in the second row of every first year philosophy class. The one who didn’t even do the reading, but is still lecturing the prof. That kid, with a whole pile of money and a space where every other shithead kid can find him.

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