Rockets, Shams, and Placebo adventures

I may not have “forgotten” to post them as much “been so busy I never remembered at the right time”, but the results are the same: not enough Puppets in The Lab. I shall remedy this now.

The July 1st release is one of my favorites we’ve done, and only partially because I didn’t have anything to do with it. Also? I defy you to not get that theme song stuck in your head.

The world’s premiere source for news about rockets, by rockets, for rockets.

Our June release introduced one of my favorite new characters: Doctor Sham. Ok, I love Placebo Smith too (there’s a whole post waiting to be written on how she was built and my continued struggles with figuring out how to construct a female form), but Maria gets to puppeteer her. Doctor Sham is, for me, a prime example of how fun it can be to play the villain.

You can *try* Professor Smith. You can try!

And Outtakes? Sure we have outtakes… and somehow I think I avoided profanity in them this time.

Sham and Smith: The Outtakes

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