Random Ramulus: Climbing Perch

Ok, today we are going to start something new. We are going to climb up into the tree of life and pick a random branch to look at. Basically my plan is to find a species (feel free to give me recommendations) learn a little bit about it to teach you, and draw or paint it. I need to preface with I am not the professional quality artist that many MAL contributors are, so we might just end up with a running Show Us Your Ugly Things Post.

For my first entry the internet landed me on the climbing perch.

Climbing Perch,
Climbing Perch

The climbing perch, Anabas testudineus, is a fish native to India and China; but which has established populations in several Asia Pacific countries. While it appears that the climbing perch is actually a species complex, which means it is actually several species that just closely resemble each other, I am treating it with the current single species name here.

The climbing perch is named for their ability to climb out of water and cross small segments of dry land in search of new territory. They are a member of a group called labyrinth fishes that have a structure (The Labyrinth Structure) in their head which allows them to breathe atmospheric oxygen by holding air in a cranial chamber where it diffuses into the blood stream.

Climbing perch are also used as an important food source in parts of Asia including India and Thailand, where its ability to live out of water extends the amount of time it can be kept fresh.


Kingdom – Animalia

Phylum – Chordata

Class – Actinopterygii

Order – Perciformes

Family – Anabantidae

Genus – Anadas

Species – Anabas testudineus


Chris T.

Chris is a microbiologist with a passion for nature. He has a degree in Natural History and spends his time taking pictures of mushrooms, riding his bike, painting, and watching tv.

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