New Podcast: Geeks Without God

This past weekend at CONvergence, I was honored to be the very first guest on a brand new podcast named Geeks Without God, a show that celebrates funny, geeky atheists. I’m pretty sure they only asked me to be on the podcast because they knew I could complain about Prometheus for a full half hour, but hey, that works for me!

The Geeks Without God podcast is the brainchild of Tim Wick, Molly Glover, and Nick Glover, three comedians who are all known in the Minneapolis area as members of Vilification Tennis. I personally vouch that all three are very smart, funny, geeky people. I’m looking forward to their future work, especially since I know they’ve already recorded more shows with people like Kammy Lyon, Stephanie Zvan, Jason Thibeault, and Rebecca Watson.

So, if a comedy podcast about geeky atheists sounds like your thing, go put it in your earholes! Here’s the first episode (warning: Prometheus spoilers within).


Melissa Kaercher is a multimedia artist, podcaster, skeptic, science nerd, and meatspace network node. She is also Queen of the Lizard People.

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  1. ***MILD SPOILERS***

    I could’ve sworn that, in the movie, they said the Engineers’ DNA “predates ours”. It wasn’t clear to me if they meant it predates human DNA or Earth DNA in general. I can sort of see how you might be able to look at a DNA sample and determine (by, say, divergent mutations) how far back on the evolutionary timeline a specimen’s lineage diverged from ours. If the result comes out to 3 billion years, then you could conceivably count that as predating ours. I doubt the writers put that much thought into it but “it’s what I choose to believe” – cause that’s how science works. 😀

  2. We only had 30 minutes to complain about Prometheus. Otherwise, I’m sure we would have gotten around to that bit.

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