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Well hello there! My name is Cloe and it looks like I’m going to be here as a contributor now, how cool is that? This is just my little introductory post, so you get a feel for who I am and what I’m about.  I really hate having to describe myself so I’ll instead present you with some random factoids about myself that will help influence your opinions of me.

  •  I’ve hitchhiked, alone, cross country a number of times
  •  I’ve been on a bike ride through the desert with Sergey Brin
  •  I am most productive at night
  •  I’ve been a vegetarian for 27 years
  •  I spent my sweet 16 in a medical clinic in Haiti, volunteering
  •  I met my fiancee online in an atheist debate room
  •  My dog has his own Facebook profile
  •  I currently have five pieces hanging in a Doctor Who themed art show
  •  I get genuinely upset when people call chimps monkeys
  •  My favorite author is Robert Heinlein
  •  My #1 feel good movie is Silence of the Lambs

All that being said I’m pee-my-pants excited about being here and I really hope we can all geek out on art and science together.  Let the hazing begin!


Cloë is a carbon based food tube who enjoys a peaceful existence on Earth in the 21st century. In order to put food through her tube she works hard drawing things that will make other food tubes happy enough to give her green paper. Green paper isn't very good to eat, but you can usually trade it for better tube food. You can follow her on her Blog or on Twitter

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  1. Alright Cloë! Welcome to the fold. I am sending you a mental high-five from the east coast. Which is like getting a high-five from a delicious slice of pizza. I swear.

  2. Welcome to skepchick. Love that your dog has a facebook. I had a couple of hamsters as friends on Myspace. I miss them on facebook. Getting poked by a hamster would be the best.

  3. I love you already. But not in a creepy way.


    Ok, maybe just a little bit creepy but you’ll get used to it!

  4. I’m used to it by now, my dog brings that out in people. Just don’t listen to him when he tells you to burn things and you’ll be fine.

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