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Vaginas Are More Regulated Than Guns

Shannyn Moore got some attention recently for her article My Guns Are Less Regulated Than My Uterus and it inspired me to make this, because wherever you stand on gun control it’s crazy to think that bullets are easier to obtain than oral contraceptives, or low cost health care for women.

riding gun bubble sm

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Cloë is a carbon based food tube who enjoys a peaceful existence on Earth in the 21st century. In order to put food through her tube she works hard drawing things that will make other food tubes happy enough to give her green paper. Green paper isn't very good to eat, but you can usually trade it for better tube food. You can follow her on her Blog or on Twitter

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  1. I need to get this on a shirt. And then I will be kicked out of the state of Ohio for wearing it.

    Totally worth it.

  2. Seconded. I would totally buy this t-shirt as long as it came in plus sizes (and preferably not “womens” cut since many of us women don’t fit that mold). I would wear it in Texas, and not just here in Austin, either. I’d wear it in front of old ladies from the red zones around Austin. Muahahahahaha.

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