My Little Fiasco: Friendship is Tragic

Why do I take joy in ruining beautiful things?

For those who have somehow remained unexposed the the phenomenon, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a delightful cartoon about the lives and times of a group of magical ponies in a magical land full of magical adventures.

For those not familiar with the finest products of indie tabletop role-playing games, Fiasco is one of the best. It creates one-shot, evening length scenarios, and has only enough rules to drive the story forward. You can see Wil Wheaton demonstrating it here.

Fiasco has a pretty wide selection of playsets, ranging from time travel to horror, but the majority of them are based around two key principles: high ambition, and poor impulse control. It is in this spirit that I have created a new playset for all to enjoy.

To be fair, there is already an MLP fiasco playset. If you are a fan of the series and are looking for a genuine representation of the fiction, if you want to play through a heartwarming adventure of ponies learning about friendship, life, and love, you should probably play that one.

However, if you are a parent that has seen every episode enough times to make you want to send those ponies to the glue factory; if you think that maybe there is more than sunshine and rainbows hiding beneath the surface of equestria; or if you just like to ruin beautiful things, then perhaps my new playset is for you.

MLP Cover 2


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