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Mass Interview with Mad Art Lab

This week, I took over The Geek Life podcast and invited my fellow MAL contributors along for the ride. Do you want to hear the sweet, sweet voices of nearly a dozen Mad Art Lab bloggers? Do you want to want to hear Victor read poetry? Do you want to learn more about Sparklecorn? Of course you do!


Melissa Kaercher is a multimedia artist, podcaster, skeptic, science nerd, and meatspace network node. She is also Queen of the Lizard People.

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  1. They sell little hobby kilns for making beads. They are tiny and adorable. I have always wanted one. We should get one. It would be the ULTIMATE Easy Bake Oven!

  2. Just listened to the show, it was funny as shit.

    Two questions.

    How many farts would it take to power a car to drive from Boston to LA?

    How come there is nobody on MAL named Reynolds?

  3. I’m just about to listen to this now, but the whole post is already a win due to the crazy non-sequitur comment thread.

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