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Mad Quickies 8.5

  • Artist Michelle Hunter explores neuroscience through art in a series of paintings. Make sure you click through to read the description of each one. It’s worth it.
  • Nautilus Magazine has created an interactive Cabinet of Curiosities with modern day and historical science “artifacts”. Also, they’re running a contests in conjunction with this where you can win a year subscription to their lovely work!
  • Science Friday interviews Professor Christopher Emdin, who is Teaching Science through Rap. via Anne S
  • Anita Chowdry is makes harmonographs and then makes art with these “1840s parlour diversions”. I love how she explains her fascination: “The immediate appeal of the Harmonograph to me is that you can witness the unfolding of natural dynamic geometries that have always existed independently of our aesthetic sensibilities.”
  • Do you want to pilot a Mars Rover?Take On Mars will allow you to do just that!
  • For Sale: Nearly Complete Time Machine.
  • Spiders are pretty. No, really. They are.
  • Crowdfunding Project of the Day: The excellent citizen science project Snapshot Serengeti is trying to keep their project going.
  • Charles Owen’s 1742 An Essay Towards a Natural History of Serpents. is a “juxtaposition of very accurate statements, with totally absurd statements”. “Serpents”: now including dragons!


Well, it’s about that time isn’t it? The Doctor tries to “help” himself regenerate.

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Curiosity’s First 12 Months in 2 Minutes


Featured image:

One of the images gathered by Snapshot Serengeti.
One of the images gathered by Snapshot Serengeti.


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