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Mad Quickies 6.17


• Information is beautiful. And this might be the greatest website ever. It shows the scientific evidence for popular health supplements, it is beautifully designed and it is regularly updated. It even shows how popular a supplement is based on google searches. Really cool! (via Ashley)

• Listen to, “A Better World“. It is a skeptical rap song in 7/4 timing that was sent in to The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe podcast and was then sent to us via Rebecca. It’s by Paul and he said to share it. So share we shall!

• For a whole different style of music here is the Supernova Sonata. “Between April 2003 and August 2005, the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope detected 241 Type Ia supernovas, which are explosions of one or more white dwarf stars”. These supernova were each assigned a pitch, a video was made and now you can watch and listen to the music of of the cosmos. (via Ashley)

Ain’t life grand! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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