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Mad Quickies 6.1


• Northwestern University is hosting a conference on “Comics and Medicine”. How freakin’ cool is that? I wish I was going. Seriously. Even the website is looks cool. Take a look. (via Beth)

Old Man Twitter is a joke feed that could change the way we view the internet.

• I used this example in a slide show at the SkeptiCAL Conference in Berkeley. I was very interested in it because it is apparently the only art on the moon and it was secretly smuggled there by astronauts. (via Kernan)

• Also, did you know the caduceus symbol often used for doctors shown in the featured image is wrong! Fact. I have since redesigned my necklaces to match the correct, more appropriate Rod of Asclepius.

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  1. These are all AMAZING.

    As per Comics in Medicine – There’s such thing as an MA in MEDICAL HUMANITIES?!?!

    I love this quote on the Caduceus description: “From this latter point of view, would not his symbol be suitable for certain Congressmen, all medical quacks, book agents and purveyors of vacuum cleaners, rather than for the straight-thinking, straight-speaking therapeutist?”

  2. Thanks for correcting the Rod of Asclepius!

    On the other hand, considering the very commercialized state of medicine, double serpent -Caduceus- may be more appropriate. After all, it is the symbol of commerce 🙂

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