Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies 4.15

  • I love anything combining fossil imagery and typography. Andreas Scheiger does exactly that in Evolution of Type. His blog has all sorts of other beautiful eye candy. I particularly like his DIY business cards, repurposing old “boring” photographs found at a flea market.
  • Zoe Tilley Poster is drawing a beast a week. They’re a lovely mix of whimsical and accurate.
  • Andreas Franke has made a WW II shipwreck into an underwater art gallery. I want to learn how to dive just so I can see this!
  • The fabulous steampunk maker crew of the Airship Isabella is running a kickstarter for their new card game – Twisted Skies. Their concept art is beautiful, and they could use a bit of help to make their goal.
  • Have you ever wanted to reproduce the ultimate party trick? Make Magazine has a tutorial for a Water to Wine Cooler ! (Ability to walk on water or wine not included.)
  • What do you get when you combine MIT’s Sensible Lab, artists and drink geeks? You get a robot bartender, that’s what.
  • How did blogging make Maria Konnikova a better scientist? She answers this question in her new piece at Literally Psyched.
I’ve been watching build blogs for foam armor recently, and this one was too nicely done not to share:

Featured image by Andreas Scheiger.


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