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Mad Quickies: #28daysofblackcosplay, diversity in game testing, and Batman goes Wild West

Hiiii, Mad Art Lab! Donna let me take over the Quickies today, so I have some nerdery, some thinky things, some costumes and some pretty art for you. Enjoy!

A group of other black costumers have gotten together to celebrate Black History month with #28DaysofBlackCosplay and it is glorious. If you look at nothing else in this post, look at the hashtag on twitter and see what a truly diverse geek community looks like.

I want this Wild West Batman figure more than I’ve ever wanted an action figure. via CriticalDragon1177

Ye Olde Scientific Writing “With his liberal use of commas and semicolons and clauses, he sounds a bit like Dickens going off on one of his endless sentences about, say, muffins.”

Diversity in games testing leads to diversity in games. This is our surprised face. A commitment to diversity needs be made at every level of the development process.

My favorite new Instagram follow is Kelly Denato at nopunchbacks. Her ethereal fever dream art makes me oh so happy.

What a ‘Racebent’ Hermione Granger Really Represents And the art!

Former Mad Art Labber (and forever in our hearts, brains, and possibly the ringworm in our foot) Maki Naro has his take on the next big fad diet.

Marvel has a new all-women superhero team, A-Force and G. Willow Wilson, who has been writing the spectacular new Ms Marvel series, is writing it. (You can’t see me, but I’m dancing in my chair about this.)

Are you looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for a special someone? (Yes, *you* count as a special someone too! Treat yourself!) Michele Banks has beautiful EKG Scarves in her shop. I own one. They’re even prettier in person. via Donna
The Woman Who Saved the United States Space Program
I think we can all agree that Skepchick Dr. Raychelle Burks needs her own popular science show. Right?


Marshawn Lynch and the Theater of Disobedience


Featured Image

Two hands knitting a drawing of a scarf. by Javier Pérez
Javier Pérez takes whimsical photos that combine drawings and every day objects.


Seelix, aka Emily, is a Science Communicator, Forensic Anthropologist, Costumer and QA Analyst, sometimes, but not usually, all at once. Emily can usually be found lurking in dark corners of the internet as Seelix on Twitter, on Google+ and even occasionally at her blog This View of Life.

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