Mad Pic Lab: June 26

This week’s word is: Hot

Because I’m living in an especially hot ring of hell called Texas. And it’s the only word I could think of.

Last week, I was all sick because my esophagus closed up(!) and Anne was awesome, stepping in and instructing you all to make me look at sloths. BEST. ANNE. EVER.

Also, I loved your Mofos! Thanks, guys! And the good news is that Daniela lived another week!

So… who wants to see some sloths? And see if Daniela survived once again?
First, I want to mention the featured image is from one of my new favorite Etsy artists Mary Hand Made. I’m not saying you should buy all her jewelry for me… but I’m just going to say that if I suddenly ended up with all her jewelry, I would be happy as a sloth on a necklace around my neck.


Kelly Lawrence:


Source: via Elyse on Pinterest


Maggie McFee:

Source: via Elyse on Pinterest



Source: via Elyse on Pinterest

Now… Daniela claims that a sloth ran right out of this shot as she attempted to take its photo. I’m skeptical.

But then she said it hid in here… so we’ll let her live another week. This time.

If you want to get involved with Mad Pic Lab, all you have to do is tweet a photo with this week’s theme adding #MadPicLab or leave a comment here. Be creative! Interpret at will! I’ll post all entries on Pinterest and a bunch of my favorites on next week’s post! Have fun!


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