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Mad Group Art: May 2

Yesterday we started the Mad Group Art Project where you, the reader, submit your photos based on our day’s subject. We’ll be doing a different theme every day in May.

Today’s subject is: Element

All you have to do is take a picture with “element” as the theme, and post it on Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere where we can see it… and make sure we can see it. And together, we’ll be making art! More information on the project and instructions can be found in the original Mad Group Art Project.

Here are some Spectrums:

My submission:

The ever awesome Jamie Bernstein:

Eskeptrical Engineer

Spectrum: how the world looks through a prism.

And Cloe’s made me laugh and laugh:

You can see more at #MadPicLab on Twitter. They’re all fantastic!

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