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Mad Group Art: May 15


Today’s Mad Pic Lab word is: Experiment

First, I want to apologize for this post going up so late. I’d like to say I was doing something amazing but really, I was switching my car insurance over to my new car. And trying to come up with a clever comment about how my payments went up when I registered my car with Geico. But really, it’s hard to find that amusing.

Second, yesterday was an awesome homage to Surly Amy! I hope it made her as happy as it made me.

Check them out on Pinterest and #MadPicLab


Source: Anne Sauer via Elyse on Pinterest


Source: Jocelyn Oudesluys via Elyse on Pinterest

And, I think may be developing a piclab girl-crush on GiGi…

Source: GiGi Chickee via Elyse on Pinterest

And my wall of Surlies! Which, I previously thought was something only Jamie Bernstein and I did, but apparently it’s a thing. If you don’t have a Surly wall, you need to make one! All you need is SurlyRamics, a wall and some nails.

Source: via Elyse on Pinterest

Featured image of Surly Amy and Surly Rocket taken by Surly Amy and Surly Rocket.
Love you, Amy!

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  1. I agree, Amy! I might be a bit sad once it ends. I’m getting to know some wonderful people through this project. I had just signed up for Twitter around the time it started, so it has been a good way to kind of give me things to post and get me out there.

  2. And, Elyse, your “piclab girl-crush” comment made all this photography stuff worth while 😀 You’re making my heart happy!

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