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Len Peralta Doing D&D Commissions

Len Peralta is the kind of brilliant that I can get behind. He is an artist that seems to get his joy from making other people’s ideas come to life. I met him at Dragon*Con last year and did a panel with his disembodied head.

You may know him from his Geek a Week series in which he drew some of our favorite nerd icons and turned them into superhero trading cards. Or his ongoing 50 heroes vs. 50 villains series featuring some of our bloggers.

Well he’s doing something new and solidly awesome. He is doing commissions of your D&D characters. Send him a description, and he’ll art up your tabletop persona.

Order them here

Look as finished ones here


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  1. Hah! That’s one of the portraits I commissioned for my table of players; one of five, and one of my favourite. Len has done a great job on all of them.

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