Hardest Gamebook Ever

In my stumbles over the internet –  I found this. Enjoy!

(If you know where it is from please do let me know. Want it!)

Thanks to Dorna Shahabeddin.


Iszi Lawrence is an English comedian and paid doodler. Iszi helps run skeptics in the pub Oxford and performs throughout Europe. Listen to her free weekly podcast www.sundaysupplement.com. She has up to ten toes at any one time.

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  1. What’s really weird is that if you read the book while in an FMRI, your brain signals to turn to page 72 before you even finish reading.

  2. P72.

    While attempting to test the old man’s hypothesis a nearby squirrel suggests that given that the seat of both sensation and reason is in the brain, it is impossible to distinguish what is real from what is simulated stimulus.

    To reject this proposal and propagate the illusion of coherent reality, Turn to page 42.

    To awake from the nightmare and return to actual reality, turn to page 56.

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