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Guest Post: Jingle Bell Geekrock

Blue from Hello, The Future sends us all seasons greetings in the form of a song called Jingle Bell Geekrock. I’ve posted the lyrics below the video so you can sing along. Try to keep up.

Jingle bell geekrock
Jingle bell science
Jingle bell season that seems to defy its
Historical precedents not to mention its religious tenets too

It’s become
Jingle bell shopping
Jingle bell stampedes
In the name of jingle bell tradition what is it with these
Incessant processions consuming our airspace
And pushing all reason out of our brain

Jingle bell family
Jingle bell children
And for some of us jingle bell faith

And for the rest of us jingle bell everyone else is participating
Might as well jump in the race better make some space ’cause you’ve got to put on your Christmas face

Jingle bell don’t ask questions it isn’t the time
Jingle bell it’s time to get in line
And swallow your statements and buy stocking stuffers
Pretending you don’t know basic economics

Never mind doubt and never mind proof
It’s time to go put up the lights on the roof
And hope at least this year you get something awesome
Like Han Solo frozen in carbon-ice

And I don’t know anyone
Except for the children
Who look at Christmas as anything but a test of faith

So for the rest of us what are we going to do for the remaining
Twelve more days
And then twelve more days
And then three hundred fifty four more days

Well jingle bell my skeptics
Jingle bell my reasoners
Jingle bell it’s time to accept the season
And drink up the eggnog unless you’re a vegan
And sing holiday songs even if the words are wrong

If you’re like me, you know that feelings just come from your brain
So let the neurons do their thing and don’t complain
You don’t have to be right, you just have to show up

‘Cause all too soon it will all be different
After all, Christmas has only been like this for two hundred years
But every day we understand the world a little bit more
And we’ve got to believe that the truth will persevere
We’ve got to believe that science will persevere
We’ve got to believe that reality will force its way to the top and persevere

So jingle bell geekrock
Jingle bell science
Jingle bell hold your tongue and smile
And find every way that you can to enjoy it
‘Cause soon you know it’ll all be gone

All of those impulses that your brain is turning into a narrative will soon be gone

Because everything is moving on!
Merry Christmas
Everything is moving on!

Steve DeGroof

Steve consists of approximately 60% water and 40% organic molecules, arranged in a configuration that is, among over things, capable of describing itself in this manner.

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