Fairy Godmother Incorporated

UPDATE: Bonus Video added!

It’s the beginning of the month, usually known as “Charles forgets to post the puppet video” time. But not this time! This month’s video has had a long tale of filming and re-filming and editing and re-editing. During that long saga we roped my good friend Thom Stanley into helping direct us (at least any of the good parts he directed), Mad Art Lab’s own Donna to design a company logo for Fairy Godmother, Inc., and the inimitable Scott Sigler for a bit of voice-over work just for good measure.

(And yes, I realize that my Fairy Godmother voice drifts a bit toward the end, and the eye focus isn’t quite right, and generally I’m just very glad we have a team putting these out so I don’t spend 6 months fretting over all of the flaws in my own work and never ending up releasing anything).


(I don’t see any credits on this one, but that Bigfoot sure sounds familiar doesn’t she?)

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