Edible Galaxy

A while back, I decided I wanted to make an edible galaxy. Like you do.

I wanted to give the illusion of a galaxy suspended in space. The idea was to create the top half of the galaxy, and place it on a mirror. Here’s one of the early failed attempts.

After a few tries involving various types of bakeware and reflective surfaces, I hit upon this.

The galaxy core is a dome-shaped cake, baked in a shallow bowl, and frosted with white icing. The spiral arms are a combination of white M&Ms and an sugar. I actually found a place that sold white M&Ms in bulk, which saved a lot of time picking though mixes.

To give the illusion of it being suspended in space, I arranged the whole thing on a sheet of reflective Mylar, and created a black backdrop out of presentation board.

If you dim the lights a bit, and view it from the right angle, it looks pretty good.

One refinement might be to replace the backdrop with a large-format printout of a starscape, giving you a result something like this.

If you’re interested in making one yourself, there’s a tutorial here.

Steve DeGroof

Steve is an expat Canadian who now lives in North Carolina. He has worked, at one time or other, as: a TV repairman, a security guard at a children's hospital, and a janitor in a strip club. His current day job is as a computer programmer for a bank, which doesn't involve nearly as much being electrocuted and cleaning up vomit. He has a patent for a "Folding Stereoscopic Computer Display", which sounds a lot more impressive than it really is. He has created various "artworks", including: a baby woolly mammoth with a jetpack (which doesn't actually fly), a Giger counter (not a typo), a clockwork orange (a bowler-hat-wearing, wind-up piece of fruit that plays "Singing in the Rain"), a clock in the shape of Rick Astley that chimes "Never Gonna Give You Up" on the hour (for which he is sincerely sorry). His first book, "Dandelion Seeds", was written largely by accident (it's... complicated).

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