Dead Lines

The title of this piece is “Dead Lines” though the post could legitimately be subtitled “How Charles can be even more embarrassingly amateur at puppetry”, though maybe that wouldn’t fit in the title bar. It is from a live performance at the local Atlanta Puppet Slam (The Puckin Fuppet Show).

Anyway, without further ado:

The script is, like most of the Death By Puppets scripts, written by former Labber Steve. The title is a take on “Pick-up Lines” though I didn’t remember which script Steve was talking about when he suggested I do “Dead Lines” and I thought it was going to be a parody of Blurred Lines: zombie in a white suit singing modified lyrics, and naked Barbie and Ken dolls running past and getting eaten. Now we’ve been mulling ideas for puppet slam pieces all with that same title:

Dead Lines – Something something skeletons and cocaine

Dead Lines – Zombie, Vampire, Mummy, and Skeleton waiting in a queue to get into a grateful dead show

Dead Lines – Something Something obituary reporter.

Dead Lines – an entire classic comedy bit (the coin flip scene from Rozencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead is what came to mind) done totally deadpan…

Dead Lines – A story about phones that interfere with the recently departed

Anybody else have a good “Dead Lines” short form theater idea?

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  1. In my rush to post this I didn’t also mention that my friend Heidi was the zombie in this bit, and my friend Kiera the vampire. The video is on Heidi’s youtube channel because *she* thought ahead and had somebody to video the pieces.

  2. After seeing the post title I came here expecting to see a Blurred Lines parody, so I’m still pretty interested in seeing that happen!

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