Cooking with Puppets

If you wish to create an apple pie from scratch. First you must watch this cooking show.

There are more than a couple names you might recognize in those credits.

And now for something completely related: MAL Exclusive bonus footage! It’s a little known fact that Bigfoot is so hard to track down because she’s always making art.

The sort-of-long and not-all-that-sordid tale of “Cooking from Scratch: with Carl Sagan”

It was late 2010 when Maria approached a few of us to start a puppet project (originally Skeptipuppets, but we re-branded before we had actually branded and have since been known as Death By Puppets). One of the first things we talked about doing was a video for Sagan Day. Our script-writer had something ready for us by April of 2011, but I still had to build puppets and we had to actually film something, so we missed our first Sagan Day window due to not allowing enough time for editing.

So we moved on to other scripts and shelved Carl for most of last year. After shooting a few more things we finally felt we knew enough about doing green screen to tackle Carl again, so we recently re-shot it, added some more celebrity voice-work, and finally “Cooking from Scratch: with Carl Sagan” is a thing we have done, and not just a thing we’ve started.

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  1. CharlesP,

    That Cooking from Scratch with Carl Sagan video was really funny. I feel bad he’s no longer with us.

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