Be Your Own Souvenir

What do you get when you hack together three Kinects and a RepRap, and add a bunch of tourists? Magic.

So, here’s what’s going on…

  1. Someone stands on the platform
  2. The Kinects scan the person
  3. A whole bunch of software turns the scan into a printable model
  4. The RepRap prints the model

Instant action figure! OK, so, not actually instant (more like 15 minutes or so) but still pretty cool. Imagine making a chess set from you and your friends. Or what if you could digitally add props (lightsabers, bat’leth, etc) to the figures? Or…

Steve DeGroof

Steve consists of approximately 60% water and 40% organic molecules, arranged in a configuration that is, among over things, capable of describing itself in this manner.

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