AI: The Prose of Your Personality

Hemant Mehta, The Friendly Atheist, recently blogged about this piece by Adrian Covert:

From the description on Adrian’s site:

His suit is designed using collage from the writings of Albert Einstein, Richard Dawkins, Salman Rushdie, David Hume, Mark Twain, and John Updike. The background is designed using collage from the King James Bible and the Holy Koran.

I think it’s incredibly cool that instead of using Hitch’s own writings, Adrian chose to create the work from thinkers that influence his writings. Having the background made from holy books is also important, symbolizing the religious world’s enormous impact on his thoughts and creations.

If someone made a portrait of you with pieces of influential prose, which books or authors would they be? What would your background be made up of?

The ART Inquisition (or AI) is a question posed to you, the Mad Art Lab community. Look for it to appear Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 3pm ET.

Ashley Hamer

Ashley Hamer (aka Smashley) is a saxophonist and writer living in Chicago, where she performs regularly with the funk band FuzZz and jazz ensemble Big Band Boom. She also does standup comedy, sort of, sometimes. Her tenor saxophone's name is Ladybird.

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  1. That’s very cool!

    Let’s see, I think the background on mine would be Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes, mythology books, Issac Asimov. The suit would be hmmm… various art books, I think.

  2. Hey he was at the Atheist Film Fest in SF! I thoroughly enjoyed the print, checking out all the intricacies.

    My suit would be made up of the Xanth series by Piers Anthony, the Honor Harrington series by David Weber, and the Miles Vorkosigan series by Lois McMaster Bujold. It’d also contain writings by Poe, Hughes and Shakespeare, an algebra book or three (I like math), and drawings of Da Vinci. I’d need a big suit. I think my “halo” would consist of Scooby doo reruns.

  3. My clothes would be from the writers that have touched and shaped me on a personal level , that have been important to my soul… Cervantes, Gertrude Stein, Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, Robin Blaser, W.G. Sebald, Kazuo Ishiguro, Paul Celan, Samuel Beckett, Borges, Thalia Field, Georges Perec, Ovid, David Mitchell (the Cloud Atlas one, not the Peep Show one), Edmond Jabes, Maurice Blanchot, Kafka, Ben Marcus, Lydia Davis, Lisa Robertson, Rodrigo Toscano, Laura Elrick…there’s so many!

    The background would be from the writers and thinkers that have articulated and spoken to my experiences and identity, or who have shaped my politics and philosophy… Julia Serano, Theodor Adorno, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Michel Foucault, Helene Cixous, Kate Bornstein, Patrick Califia, Herbert Marcuse, Plato, Nietzsche, Walter Benjamin…

    It would be a bit tricky to fit everyone in there, guess. It’d have to be very specific little quotes!

    And that’s even leaving out all the visual artists and filmmakers and musicians who have been key to who I am!

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