AI: 2012 Prospecting

It’s a new and exciting year. Sure the world is ending, but there must be something fun happening before that, right?

What are you most anticipating in 2012?

Image from 2012 the film from 2009.


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  1. Oh god. I saw that stupid film on Saturday, I knew it would be bad, but I just couldn’t imagine it would be as bad as it was…

    But I think what I’m most anticipating in 2012 is the movie adaptation of The Hunger Games. In fact just the thought makes me nerdgasm a little.

  2. One thing I’m looking forward to is for everyone to stop making comments about the world ending every time the year is mentioned.

  3. Getting the callus back on my left hand little finger. All the others came quickly, strange. Mastering, or at least getting better control of the Ebow I got last week. Most folk I’ve seen using one only use it for special effects. But damned if the ability to sustain and swell notes isn’t exactly what I’ve been missing in my playing.

    But the thing I most anticipate I can’t actually know the details of beforehand. My daughter turns 5 in 2012. She’s at an age where the notion “if A therefore B and/or C, D etc.” is starting to surface. Of course that pesky therefore is a mite flexible in her world which is a source of growing entertainment.

    That aside, I’m anticipating all the wonder and awe inherent in watching a sub-compact little human unfurl her growing and changing perceptions of this rich, strange and beautiful universe. That, and the almost daily feeling of having an intimate, overwhelming connection to the deep time that produced a species where even its incompletely developed offspring can look up at the night sky and ask “Why?”. You know, nothing special. 😉

    *Oh yes, I am a geek and a musician (of sorts). Why do you ask?

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