We’re Going to Dragon*Con

It’s that magical time of year again. It’s that time when we all dress up and drive across the country to the join our brothers and sisters in the celebration in all that is nerdy in the magical land of Atlanta Georgia. That’s right it’s Dragon*Con time. More than that, a bunch of us will be there. Below is a quick list of who is coming and when and where you are likely to Find us.


Amy Davis Roth: The surliest of Amys will be there with her collection of extraordinarily surly ramics.

Donna: Ms. Information will be performing her regular duty of holding the Geologic universe together.

Emily: You will meet her five times and not realize that it is our very own Emily, the master of disguise. A special prize goes to the person that finds her in all of her costumes.

Maki: You know him in two dimensions from Sci-ence, meet him in stunning high-definition 3D as he cruises the con.

Maria: When not organizing the attending or recovering from the Star Party, you can probably find her talking to puppets.

Ryan: If you see a shell-shocked Canadian apologizing for being trampled, that’s probably me.

Steve: Steve is most likely to be found in the local trees talking to the lobsters. You could also check with the puppets, or look inside the rampaging death machine.


 Things you should attend


The Atlanta Skeptics, of which our own Maria is a member, are hosting a party to celebrate distant luminous balls of fusing plasma. We will all be there making it even more amazing than it already is. You need tickets. At last check, there were still some available. Get them here before they’re gone.

Parsec Awards
The Parsec Awards celebrate excellence in speculative fiction podcasting. Normally I wouldn’t endorse attending an awards show given how speeches tend to drag, but everyone making an acceptance speech is necessarily an award winning orator. Also, our very own Amy and Donna will be presenting awards. Doors open at 4:00 pm on Saturday in the Hyatt International Ballroom North

Skepchick Fan Table
Surly Amy will be available for commerce in the vendors area from Friday through Sunday with her Surly-Ramics at the Skepchich Fan table along with Rebecca Watson and the Skeptical Robot Wares. Special guest stars will include Maki Naro, Me, and Maria, because even Amy needs to eat sometimes.

Stealth Skepticism Panel
Amy will be joining a panel on using art and entertainment to encourage the general public to take an interest in science and critical thinking along with Scott Sigler, G. Martin, Steven Novella, Rebecca Watson and Micheal Stackpole. Friday at 7:00pm in Hilton rooms 205–207.

From Puppets to Print Panel
Maria, Amy and Steve will all be on a panel discussing how multimedia artists are paving the way for mainstream skepticism on Sunday at 11:30 am in the Hilton room 205–207. That’s three times the Mad Art Lab content you will find on any other panel.

Art In Community Panel
Come join host Ken Plume. and his guests Jane Espenson, Cheeks, Joseph Skrimshaw, Molly Lewis, Len Peralta, Marian Call, and me on Sunday at 1:00 pm in the Atlanta Ballroom. Here’s the tagline: From movies to TV shows to comics & more, artists are now turning directly to their fans in order to get their art made.



N.B. Due to Elyse not being able to attend this year, a moratorium on all merriment has been placed on the staff of Mad Art Lab. Any indications that we are enjoying ourselves are either being faked for reasons of public relations or are the product of a sick and deluded mind… probably yours.


Ryan is a professional nerd, teaching engineering in the frozen north. Somewhat less professionally, he is a costumer, author, blacksmith, juggler, gamer, serial enthusiast, and supporter of the Oxford comma. He can be found on twitter and instagram @studentofwhim. If you like what I do here, feel free to leave a tip in my tipjar.

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  1. My death machines hardly ever rampage. And I usually hire a professional death machine pilot. It’s safer and it gives me more time for the important things, like cackling maniacally.

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    Have fun, everybody. 🙂

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