Through My Lens: CSICon 2012

I wanted to showcase some of the photos I captured during CSICon 2012, which took place in Nashville from October 25th to 28th. This was the first multi-day skeptical conference experience for Rob and me, and it was remarkable. We finally got to talk to some people that we’ve waited years to meet and we made many new friends. Some of these people helped me through my rough transition into skepticism via their podcasts and websites, so personally sharing that experience with them was thrilling. I am looking forward to attending another event, seeing all of you again, and meeting those of you who I haven’t met yet. I love this community!

If you haven’t been able to attend CSICon, or any similar such conference, then you’re missing out. I highly recommend making it a top priority for next year. Even if your budget is tight, spending money on experiences such as this is infinitely more rewarding than spending it on material possessions. Rob and I plan on trying to attend at least one conference a year. They are wonderful ways to meet up with like-minded people, receive excellent information, and have meaningful and/or entertaining discussions.

Below are a few of my favorite pictures from CSICon. I hope that you enjoy them and find that they captured the spirit of the event. If you’re interested in seeing all of the photos I took, there are plenty more on my photography website (where they are also available in black and white): I had oh-so-many favorites, making it tremendously difficult to narrow down, so I hope you visit my website and take a gander.

Richard Wiseman
Eugenie Scott
George Hrab
Benjamin Radford
Carol Tarvis
Massimo Polidoro
Steven Novella
Ray Hyman
Rebecca Watson
Jon Ronson
Joe Nickell

Coincidentally, CSICon was where I was invited by Surly Amy to become a contributor here at Mad Art Lab. CSICon will always have a special place in my heart; it was my first.

Gigi Chickee

All photos are taken by me, Gigi Chickee, unless otherwise noted. Photography Correspondent here at Mad Art Lab. Wife to my gorgeous husband, Rob. Mother to my four girls. Proud Secular Homeschooler. Photographer when the occasion arises. Seamstress in training. Skeptic always. Follow me and my musings on Twitter: @gigichickee

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