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They saved Einstein’s brain!*

Howdy. First time poster, long-time sufferer. So, yeah. I’m Maggie McFee and I’ve neglected posting to MAL since… it seems like forever. Well, now it’s time to fix that. You’ve no doubt seen the awesome paper doll scientists posted so far. Steve’s brilliant idea finally got me off my ass. So here’s my science doll, everyone’s favorite crazy-haired German physicist Albert Einstein.

And since this is my first post, it’s customary to say who I am and why you should love me and buy me a Wacom Cintiq. Here goes… I’m one of the organizers with the Boston Skeptics – Rebecca’s alma mater before she abandoned us *weep* – and an artist/nerd/hacker/maker type. I’m also the one who edits/shoots all those videos in the darkened pub for I don’t draw as much as I used to, but if you Google me you can skulk around in some stuff from the past. Or more recently I’ve started drawing a 3rd grade humor thing involving farting detectives at

I also build stuff (replicas, electronics, props), love comics and am an amateur video nerd/editor. It seems that I also run a bunch of websites, but that’s more of a problem – some might say addiction, but they’re all jerks and I can quit anytime I want to! – than a positive attribute.
In future, I was thinking maybe I might also post some build guides like ‘How to make a TARDIS’ based on the one I made recently. Is that something you all might be interested in? Pics of said TARDIS: Pic1 Pic2

So… anyway, howdy. 🙂
*- No, really. They did.’s_brain


I'm a technology nerd, sometimes artist and a science geek. I work at [redacted Ivy League university] where I run the Physics computing group. I'm also an organizer for the Boston Skeptics, a video nerd and I draw and read comics; mostly read these days. I like my beer like I like my science. That is, if science were pulled from a Guinness tap, which it is not. So... yeah. That last bit's wrong. You can find out more about me at and read my webcomic

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