The Wonders of Life

So it may be apparent that we here at Mad Art Lab like it when people mix things up a bit when it comes to art and science. Along that vein, I present you the trailer for the upcoming BBC miniseries, Wonders of Life featuring the musical musings of Eric Idle.

That’s right, the particle physicist, Brian Cox, is doing a nature documentary to the tune of a Monty Python classic. These guys at the BBC know how to make me drool. First episode airs January 2013. Excuse me while I book some plane tickets.


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  1. Too excited for this! Watching Brian Cox get all inspired by cool stuff while standing around on mountaintops is one of my favourite science chasers at the end of a long day. The world needs more impassioned science programming.

  2. You really can’t beat the BBC for nature documentaries.
    We may complain about the license fee sometimes, but honestly, I’d pay it just for shows like this. Well… this and Doctor Who.

    I think it’s time to dig out my Planet Earth DVDs again, until this airs.

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