The Bible Blacked Out: Dying Flesh

While surfing the internet I came upon Blackout Poetry.  The basic idea is to take words that are already written and create a poem from them using a black marker.  So, use an advertisement, or a newspaper, or a book.  hmmmm.

I made all the atheist, creative, feminist, social justice warrior “juices” sing!  Ok, I’m tone deaf…so, it just put my brain in overdrive.  I immediately had an idea of The Book I wanted to use!

THE BIBLE or any other “holy” text seems like the perfect foundation for this project.  There are lots of words, ripping up a bible seems so delicious (although it *is* a book!), blacking it, and then using their words to create something for myself?  Who could resist.

I had picked up a free bible this past weekend, otherwise I might have had to go to Goodwill to get one.  I ripped out a random page, wrote down all the words that interested me, and then started highlighting and blacking out.

Philippians: Dying Flesh

Dying flesh side by side frightened of destruction.

This is just my first one, to see how it felt.  It was fun and easy.  It also will help me this holiday as I see all the religiosity IRL and on the internet.  It will be something small I can do to put all that in perspective in my life.

I am sure there will be more to come!  Join me.  If you don’t want to post them yourself, please use this contact form to submit them.

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Kim Rippere

Kim Rippere has been creating her whole life. Currently, she is focused on paper crafting and cooking. She posts her creative endeavors at Craftisan Studios. You can purchase her work via her shop. She is the Founder and President of Secular Woman. Kim randomly blogs at Rippere.com, but can most likely be found on her Facebook page or on twitter. She earned a degree in Philosophy and a Masters in Business; and is a former business executive.

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