Sunday Morning Illusion

Today we bring you a meta illusion. Many illusions get your brain to misfire and have it interpret an image to be a real think when it’s actually an impossible representation.
Alexa Meade is a brilliant artist that gets your brain to believe it’s looking at an impossible abstraction when it’s actually looking at a real thing.

Alexa Maede - Spectacle

Don’t Get it? Check it out after the jump.

That’s right. This isn’t a painting of a man. It’s a photograph of a painted man.Even knowing that, can you force yourself to see it as anything but a painting? I can’t. Perhaps my mind is just feeble.

Here’s another

Aligned with Alexa - Alexa Meade


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  1. Love this woman’s work… the pics of her with her subjects just freak out my mind 🙂

  2. Absolutely wonderful! Even the photo of her shooting the photo… I still see a ‘painting’. She’s amazing.

  3. I have a severe case of cognitive dissonance! Such a fantastic post. I’m sharing this all over the place. Thanks, Ryan!

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