Sunday Morning Illusion

source http://www.skytopia.com/project/illusion/ipage-et.html

Make the image large on your screen, put your head fairly close and stare at the white dot for two full minutes.
Doesn’t matter if you blink, but try to keep your head still, and keep staring at the dot. After a minute you may start seeing little halos around the circle. Keep looking at the dot. After 2 minutes, slowly move your head backwards, still staring at the white dot. You should see a vibrant corona surround the red spot. More vibrant, in fact, than your monitor should be able to output. Hit the source site for some moreĀ  colors and explanations.


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  1. Bad link to source!

    Great illusion. I started to perceive halos from the first seconds, but the full wait is well worth.

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