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Some Videos for Your Perusal


Ah, Friday. The perfect day for not doing work. To help you along in this noble effort, I give you three cool videos that incorporate the arts and the sciences. You may now kill time at your leisure.

First up is a video produced by Terri Timely that interprets the everyday experiences of people with synesthesia — that is, the condition that causes a person to see a color when they taste a flavor, or feel a tactile sensation when they hear a sound. Also, speaker kittens. Enjoy.

Two more videos after the jump!

Next, I give you the James Bond theme played on Eigenharp, a new electronic instrument that uses touch-sensitive buttons, touch-sensitive strips, breath control, and special percussion keys on a device resembling a massive guitar neck (Click here for a full explanation of all the stuff it can do). A bit too MIDI for my tastes, but its flexibility is impressive and I’m sure it can be updated with better sound patches.

And finally, what video sequence would be complete without a TEDTalk? Technology designer Jared Ficklin shows his incredibly cool approaches to visualizing sound. An equalizer made of fire. Need I say more?

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