Schrödinger Paper Doll

A couple days ago, I ran across these Arrested Development paper dolls and thought, “I wonder if anyone’s done scientist paper dolls”. I couldn’t find any, so I suggested that maybe we at Mad Art Lab could try and make some.

Here’s my attempt at an Erwin Schrödinger doll (click to get the full-size printable image)…

Cloe posted a Carl Sagan doll on her blog. And by the sounds of it, there may be more scientist paper dolls coming…

Steve DeGroof

Steve consists of approximately 60% water and 40% organic molecules, arranged in a configuration that is, among over things, capable of describing itself in this manner.

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  1. Yeah, I’d like to see Ada Lovelace too. Some other names that might be fun:

    – Marie Curie
    – Charles Darwin
    – Delia Derbyshire
    – Albert Einstein
    – Benjamin Franklin
    – Rosalind Franklin
    – Grace Hopper
    – Hedy Lamarr
    – Isaac Newton
    – Nikola Tesla
    – Alan Turing

    I strongly suspect Albert Einstein wore boxers with hearts on them. 😀

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