Sagan Day 2013 Repost – We All Live on a Tiny Blue Dot

Happy Sagan Day everyone. We here at MAL put together a little video celebrating one of our heroes, Carl Sagan. Thank you so much to everyone that helped out. I can’t begin to say how encouraging it is to see how broad an impact Dr. Sagan had and how deeply his words still resonate with people more than twenty years on.

The video is back up. We had taken it down for legal reasons but now we have the right permission to show it again.

“Pale Blue Dot” monologue copyright ¬© 1994 Carl Sagan. Reprinted with permission from Democritus Properties, LLC. All rights reserved this material cannot be further circulated without written permission of Democritus Properties, LLC. Credit Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan.

Something that isn’t immediately obvious in the video, is that many of the people in it don’t know each other, haven’t heard of each other, and might not even like each other. Regardless, Sagan’s words bring us together in a very powerful way. Artists and scientists, celebrities and nobodies, we are all the same, stuck together for our brief moments on this tiny island, lost in endless space.

Thanks again to Amy Davis Roth, Paul Horowitz, Donna Mugavero, Brian George, Casey Shultz, Marian Call, Jim Tigwell, Katie Hovany, Melissa Battler, Hemant Mehta, Lauren Lane, Molly Lewis, Ashley Hamer, David Fitzgerald, Steve DeGroof, Pamela Gay, Maria Walters, Taylor Muse, Greta Christina, Marie-Claire Shanahan, Sam Pillsbury, Elizabeth Finn, Gabrielle Grafrath, Maggie McFee, Nicole Gugliucci, Richard Carrier, Debbie Goddard, Jamie Hyneman, Charles Pillsbury, Scott Sigler, Hai Ting & Matt, George Hrab, Emily Finke, Beth Voigt, A Kovacs Rebecca Watson
Paula Escuadra, Desiree Schell, Anne Sauer, Phil Plait, Victor Harris, Adam Savage, Maki Naro and Becky Verdun.

You guys Rock my world. I owe every single one of you a hug and a beer.


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