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Quilling: Infused with Sexism and Religiosity


Quilled DandelionQuilling is a paper craft or art form that uses strips of paper to create shapes, create images, fill in areas, and create decoration.  Generally the shapes are rolled around something small (like a toothpick) or pill bottle, or woven using something like a comb.  While there are other options, the primary one is a toothpick like tool.

When researching the history you will find too many different stories about its origin to have much faith in any of them.  One piece that rings true is that the name comes from using feather quills to create the shapes.



Quilled 3-D BunnyDuring the Victorian era, quilling was deemed an acceptable activity for genteel young ladies as it wasn’t too much for their lady brains!

Nuns and monks used the gilded edges of books to create their quilling designs on books and religious items.

What better way to subvert quilling’s history than to have a feminist atheist quiller.  Or how about a woman engineer? Inna has taken quilling, even 3-D quilling, to new places.  Her work is amazing.






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