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Mad Quickies 5.20


• It’s draw Mohammed Day!

• Check out the comic stylings of Benny Brady and learn why Jesus needs to save more often.

• There is a conference in Baltimore July 20th celebrating 100 Years of teaching excellence in medical illustration at the John Hopkins School of Medicine. More info on how to attend here.

• Watch the laws of motion and time do what appears to be a Cinderella ballroom dance using pendulums. The pendulum was created by the Natural Science Lecture Demonstration Team to jazz up science classrooms. More info at the NPR blog. (via Masala Skeptic)

The video of the pendulums is after the fold. It’s beautiful and a bit mesmerizing. You should watch it!

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  1. I saw the pendulums the other day and watched it twice in a row, drooling from mesmerization.
    It’s fun to pick one and follow it, which breaks the illusion somewhat, then pull back to see the whole and have it kick back in.
    I’m gonna watch it again now…

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