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Mad Quickies 4.13


• From fake psychic to artist. Check out the art of Jose Alvarez! (via D.J.)

• Artist, Csam Wheatley is a southern Indiana sculptor who specializes in figurative works. Check out the life size Charles Darwin he made. Awesome!

• I am really interested in the microscopic world right now. A quick google search of the the words, cellular+art brought me to this sweet photo set.

•Sloan foundation is giving grants to science-themed plays and movie productions. (via Ashley)

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  1. Amy: Thank you very much for the link! May I post a link to you on my site?

    quarksparrow: Excellent idea! Every time I’ve taken him out and about, I’ve hoped the police would notice. It was fun wheeling him around downtown Louisville on a dolly 🙂

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