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Mad Art Cast #SciArt and the Blackest Black with Glendon Mellow


Welcome to an exciting episode of Mad Art Cast with special guest artist Glendon Mellow who is well known and loved for his fabulous writing at the Symbiartic blog at Scientific American.

We talk to Glendon about the origins of the #sciart hashtag which has, over the past few years inspired thousands of science and art tweets.

Then we talk to Glendon about the new, super-cool, “blackest-black material” made of carbon nanotubes that was created by Surrey NanSystems known as Vantablack that only one artist in the world has the rights to use. Is Anish Kapoor a deserving artist or a super-villian? Find out and learn about VantaBlack by listening to this week’s awesome cast!

Image of VantaBlack from Surrey Nanosystems.

wrinkled-aluminium-2_Large Image


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