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Live Scribing at Science Online 2012


This week I was at Science Online 2012. Lots of cool science-y stuff going on there. Something the caught my eye in particular, though, was this one artist, Perrin Ireland, who drew posters depicting the discussion subjects while the discussions were in progress.

Here’s a gallery of some of the posters Perrin drew during the conference.

I also found this video skome posted of Perrin drawing one of the posters pictured.
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  1. The science humor talk was great. It was run by Brian Mallow and John Rennie. I think I made a bit of a pest of myself afterward.

  2. This was a great session, “doodling with intent” is definitely a superior form of note-taking. and Perrin was an awesome moderator (as well as an amazing artist). But FYI, the black and white posters above were created by Saleem Reshamwala (@kidethnic), after he took Perrin’s workshop.

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