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Lab Track: These Aren’t the Droids


If you’re anything like me, you may want to clear an area in whatever room you’re in to allow for plenty of running-around-flailing-and-screaming space. (And if, like me, you’re at work when you see this, get ready to pretend you’re totally not silently screaming to yourself).

Neko Case and her always-amazing musical sidekick Kelly Hogan have written a feminist sci-fi anthem. (You got sci-fi in my feminism! You got feminism in my sci-fi!). It’s about how the great sci-fi stories about the future are mostly written by men for men, and there’s not a lot appealing about it for women. So they describe what a feminist futurescape would look like. Dudes with boobs and the concept of Girl Power as an actual fuel source are featured. Obviously.

This is a preliminary release from the comedy-music compilation 2776: A Millennium of American Asskickery, which comes out July 1st and benefits OneKid OneWorld. (We featured another funny and sciencey song from it a few months ago). Anyway, this track is wonderful and hilarious and you have to listen to it.

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