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Lab Track: Rocketman by Iron Horse

In general, I tend to shy away from old classics as Lab Tracks in favor of new science-themed songs that few people know about, just because I like introducing people to new songs and artists. It’s not to say old classics aren’t just as worthy of having their own feature; it’s just that we all probably know about them already, so why go over them again?

That’s why this particular track got me so excited: it’s a classic sci-fi tune by the great David Bowie, but performed in a bluegrass style by a band that’s new to me.

Based in the recording mecca of Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Iron Horse has a knack for transposing pop and metal to bluegrass, as evidenced by their impressive number of cover projects that range from Metallica tribute albums “Fade to Bluegrass” to Modest Mouse tribute album “Something You’ve Never Heard Before.”

I really dug their rendition of Rocketman. I hope you will too!

This has been another installment of Monday Lab Tracks. Send us your musical recommendations through our contact link at the top of the page, and tell us what you think of the song in the comments below!

Ashley Hamer

Ashley Hamer (aka Smashley) is a saxophonist and writer living in Chicago, where she performs regularly with the funk band FuzZz and jazz ensemble Big Band Boom. She also does standup comedy, sort of, sometimes. Her tenor saxophone's name is Ladybird.

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