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Lab Track: Nikola Tesla vs. Thomas Edison

TeslaHave you heard of Epic Rap Battles of History? It’s a slickly produced, hilariously inspired series wherein commenters suggest famous historical (or fictional) figures they’d like to see engage in a rap battle, and the creators make those suggestions a reality. There’s Ghandi vs. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rasputin vs. Stalin, Mozart vs. Skrillex…even Doc Brown vs. Doctor Who.

With today’s lab track, I bring you what may be science’s most notorious rivalry as a very angry Edison rap battles an uncomfortably sexy Nikola Tesla (is anyone else reminded of The Jesus from The Big Lebowski here?). Enjoy!

This has been another installment of Monday Lab Tracks. Send us your musical recommendations through our contact link at the top of the page, and tell us what you think of the song in the comments below!

Ashley Hamer

Ashley Hamer (aka Smashley) is a saxophonist and writer living in Chicago, where she performs regularly with the funk band FuzZz and jazz ensemble Big Band Boom. She also does standup comedy, sort of, sometimes. Her tenor saxophone's name is Ladybird.

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