I’ve Committed Fan Art

So you know that feeling when you get really into something, a movie or a TV show or a video game. It consumes your thoughts to a degree you suspect might be unhealthy, and you think that what you really need is to be looking at something that reminds you of your new favorite thing at all times. But then it turns out that you have a very specific idea of what kind of thing you want on your wall and no one else seems to have made it…

Some things you just have to do yourself. Oh, the hardship.

It’s grayscale because I’m going to have it turned into a carved plaque and it’s going to be beautiful next to my door. I in no way regret the rabbit hole I went down researching the symbolism for this piece (other people around who had to listen to the fun facts I’d just learned may have) and it was nice to make something a little different from any of my usual styles.

Celia Yost

Celia Yost is a graphic artist and painter by both training and trade. She's also prone to ill-advised craft projects and yelling about politics.

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