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Impotent Inventern Audition

Almost every maker with an appreciation for the advancement of science or explosions wants to work for the Mythbusters. Adam Savage says that he is constantly flooded with requests to work with him, for him, near him… etc. He’s the makersiah. I’m no different. I want to play too.

Finally, Adam heard the pleas of the unwashed masses and opened up a contest to be his intern. His PAID intern. So I, of course, have applied. Unfortunately, being Canadian, I can’t actually win. That’s not a problem, though, it’s not like I’ve let guaranteed failure stop me in the past.

Below is my audition video. and some creepy pictures of my creation.

Neither of these people is Adam Savage.

Photo by Katy
Photo by Katy

Clearly this is the next Marvel supergroup movie.

Adam Savage with Rescue and Clara. Photo cretit: Katy
Adam Savage with Rescue and Clara. Photo cretit: Bruce Press

Sleepy Savage waking up.

Good morning Adam. Photo credit: Katy.
Good morning Adam. Photo credit: Katy.

Adam wants out

And here are the 3D printed knuckle dusters being worn by Adam Savage

Savage with Knuckles


Ryan is a professional nerd, teaching engineering in the frozen north. Somewhat less professionally, he is a costumer, author, blacksmith, juggler, gamer, serial enthusiast, and supporter of the Oxford comma. He can be found on twitter and instagram @studentofwhim. If you like what I do here, feel free to leave a tip in my tipjar.

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  1. Foreigners after our in(ven)ternships! Gasp!

    (You remain my favorite Ontarian. Ontarionian? Ontarontite? Well, we can’t figure out Michigan, either.)

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