Hobby v. Craft: Survey Results

Earlier I wrote a post trying to wind my way through the differences between the use of the term “Hobby” and “Craft.”  I didn’t get very far and asked for people to respond to a short survey about how they use the terms.  I thought this might give some insight.

I promised to post the results if there were at least 50 responses.  There were only 41, but I thought they were interesting so I am posting them!

My overall impression, is that how everyone uses these two words is all over the place.  There is very little consistency.  I can discern no rules or guidelines for how we collectively use these words.  My best guess now is that we (individuals and society) don’t have good definitions of these words and use them more organically and unconsciously.  Some appear to have developed personal guidelines, but that is the outlier.

Hobby v Craft

Kim Rippere

Kim Rippere has been creating her whole life. Currently, she is focused on paper crafting and cooking. She posts her creative endeavors at Craftisan Studios. You can purchase her work via her shop. She is the Founder and President of Secular Woman. Kim randomly blogs at Rippere.com, but can most likely be found on her Facebook page or on twitter. She earned a degree in Philosophy and a Masters in Business; and is a former business executive.

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