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Hi! I’m Lauren

Hey Madartlabbers!

My name is Lauren and I’m one of the new kids around here. You might know me from my work with Skepticon or you might remember me from that one time I totally fought a T-Rex and won. I recently graduated from art school with my MFA (which stands for Mother Fuckin’ Awesome, by the way) and have been enlisted by the wonderful Surlyamy to rock your frickin’ socks off.

Here’s a look at my thesis work I completed last spring. I am a female powerlifter, so my work revolves around my experiences as a lady athlete in such a male dominated space. Heady theory aside, there is glitter involved! SQUEEEE!!



So hello and howdy and how do you do!

Until next time,


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One Comment

  1. Hi Lauren!

    So very happy to have you here! I look forward to seeing more of your work. And powerlifting? OMG that is so badass!

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