Help the Green Ninja fight climate change!

The Green Ninja Show is series of videos that use live-action, animation, humor, and a greenhouse gas-butt-kicking superhero to demonstrate easy ways for people to impact climate change. They’re running a Kickstarter to produce more episodes, and with only 3 days left they still need a little help to reach their goal. My classmate Julie Noblitt is chair of the project’s advisory board. Julie says,

I am very excited about how easy it would be to improve our quality of life long-term by acting right now to shift our energy consumption patterns. Whether or not to act on climate change and alternative energy should not be a political discussion but a practical one. I love the Green Ninja because he conveys a sense of fun around the simple things everyone can do to make a difference. In the same way that Smokey Bear has become a national icon for preserving our forests, I’d love to see the Green Ninja become an icon for positive change to preserve our biosphere for generations after us to enjoy.


After the jump, a Green Ninja video and more information about the project and the Kickstarter!

The Green Ninja’s fanbase has been growing, with videos winning prizes on the green film festival circuit and featured by Scientific American as their “Video of the Week”Mother Jones and The Guardian also recently blogged about the project. One of the project goals is to develop curriculum complementary to each episode that teachers can use in their classrooms to teach science and math topics and fulfill the next generation science standards.

The Green Ninja Kickstarter has only has a few days to go, so chip in if you’re able and share the project with your friends. The funds will enable the Green Ninja Project to pay for the studio staff and equipment rental, develop the studio set, hire students for specific highly skilled roles, and hire a social media architect to help design the social marketing and publicity. $10 gets your name in the credits, but if you can contribute more, you could even get a walk-on role in the show.

Green Ninja screengrab

Best wishes to Julie and the rest of the Green Ninja team!

Update: Congratulations to Julie and her team on meeting their Kickstarter goal over 24 hours before the deadline! Thanks to anyone who chipped in!

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