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Happy Halloween from the creatures of Mad Art Lab

Doc Surly and all the creatures living [or un-living] in the Mad Art Lab say “Happy Halloweenies!”

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Wallpaper (1600×1200)


I'm a technology nerd, sometimes artist and a science geek. I work at [redacted Ivy League university] where I run the Physics computing group. I'm also an organizer for the Boston Skeptics, a video nerd and I draw and read comics; mostly read these days. I like my beer like I like my science. That is, if science were pulled from a Guinness tap, which it is not. So... yeah. That last bit's wrong. You can find out more about me at and read my webcomic

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  1. Mad scientist super-hero! Crotch yeah!

    Maggie, you may have outdone yourself here.

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